About CyberGnan

Cybergnan is a specialized training organization with experience in delivering a broad range of Cyber Security and soft skills training courses inclined towards cybersecurity communication skills, CISO leadership skills, Pre-Sales, Cyber Solution Presentations, etc. As an established training provider, we offer in-house and virtual classroom training services not only to the fresh graduates and also to the private and public sector, training companies, government, and organizations in diverse industries including Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, Hospitality and IT.

We bring in practical exposure to our trainees by making them part of real-time client projects through collaboration with our parent company SiriNiti, which is into numerous cybersecurity offerings. We aim to provide comprehensive skill development programs that demonstrate a standard of excellence, which leverages best practices and facilitates candidates to discover their best ability to be successful as well as helping industry acquire job-ready professionals.

Why CyberGnan?

We have a state-of-the-art training facility equipped with all necessary end-user systems, licensed cybersecurity solutions for training, and virtual setups for remote access for the trainees to learn at any time.

At any given point of time, we do not include more than 20 trainees per training program to ensure each student is given due attention.

We believe in delivering World-Class training by leveraging industry experts who have vast experience in numerous cybersecurity domain.

Our sessions are interactive, real-time, and scenario-based that provide more practical hands-on (70% Practical & 30% theory).

Special attention is given to Cybersecurity Soft skills development for Pre-Sales training programs. Additionally, the sessions include training from Industry experts and Motivational speakers, apart from Cybergnan trainers.

We leverage our own IP course material for training that is unique to the audience. The aim is to make all trainees corporate ready irrespective of the trainees’ educational background.

Collaboration with Cybersecurity Product companies, System Integrators, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Universities.

Real-time exposure for trainees through collections from Cybersecurity services & consulting companies. Such as SiriNiti, BTS, etc.