Our Trainers

CyberGnan has a dedicated ten plus cyber trainers who have more than 100 plus years of professional experience in total comprising of vast experience as Malware Reverse Engineers, Information Security Consultants, Lead Auditors, Vulnerability Analysts, Threat Hunters, Forensic Investigators, etc. Our objective is to provide custom design and uniquely tailored domain-specific training to individuals and cyber company employees as per client business requirements.

Mr. Pavan
Cyber Soft Skills and Pre-Sales (Solution Architecting & Proposal writing) Trainer.

Mr. Vishnu
Infosec Awareness, Audits, and ISO Trainer.

Mr. Ravi
Malware Reverse Engineering & Digital Forensics Trainer.

Mr. Taj
Security Testing Trainer (TM, SAST, DAST, SCADA & IOT PT).