Threat Modeling

Security must begin right from the design phase of a product. This can only be achieved by Threat Modeling during the design phase of a software application or product. Threat Modeling will help identify all possible threats and associated vulnerabilities that need to be addressed in the design phase. CyberGnan has come up with a custom-designedTM course with STRIDE and DREAD methodology.

Couse Outline:

Introduction to Threat Modeling:

  • Intro Secure Development Practices
  • Various Case Studies of Security Design Flaws.
  • Why & Need of TM.
  • Goals of TM
  • Concepts of TM
  • Various types and tools for TM
  • Security Principals & Best Practices
  • TM Process
  • STRIDE Methodology
  • DREAD Methodology
  • Hands-On in performing TM
  • Hands-On in performing TM for various scenarios

Where does TM gets fit into.

  • SDLC – TM
  • Agile – TM
  • DevSecOps – TM


  • Microsoft TM Tool
  • ThreadFix
  • OWASP Threat Dragon, etc.

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