Cyber Security Awareness Training

One of the weakest links in organizational information security is employees. Organizations need to spend a considerable amount in educating their employees, to avoid social engineering and phishing attacks. CyberGnan has designed a unique awareness session specific for each industry (Banking, Finance, Retail, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, etc.). Please find below the typical awareness syllabus.


Cybersecurity / Information security:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Why it’s Important in the current digital era.
  • What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Different types of Threats & Attack vectors, especially w.r.t Banking Frauds (Role of Insiders)
  • Social Engineering (Videos, Demonstrations & Case studies)
  • Phishing Attacks (Demonstrations & Case studies)
  • Importance & Adherence to Physical security
  • OS Security (AV, Patches, Passwords, etc.)
  • Personal Security (Social Media, Mobile, Recon Yourself, etc.)
  • Adherence to Internal Policies and its Importance:
  • Clear Desk Clear Screen Policy
  • Password Policy
  • Background Verification
  • Do’s & Don’ts etc.

Introduction to various LAW’s (GDPR, IT Act etc.), Best Practices (ISMS, BCM, etc.) & IP Rights
Exam to evaluate the understanding.

For more details about the course outline, please contact us today.